Revolution Peach Mango Green Tea 20 Count

Photo of Revolution Peach Mango Green Tea
$ 8.99

This light, smooth tea with summertime fruity notes begins with mild, refreshing Chinese Sencha. Yet, within the mix, bright peach emerges with sweet, juicy notes, and mango contrasts against this with tangy, tropical flavor.

Together, it’s a balanced beverage with subtle floral notes made for warm weather, either as a little pick-me-up with its low caffeine content or an invigorating iced tea when brewed at double the strength. Along with its distinctive taste, this green tea is full of beneficial antioxidants.

Revolution Tea crafts all of its blends with full tea leaves, dried out in the sun. Full leaves, as opposed to tea fannings, deliver the highest degree of flavor when brewed. Finishing each blend are real fruits, unique herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients.

To help bring out each tea’s flavor profile, Revolution Tea packages all blends in its innovative mesh infuser bags. Unlike ordinary paper tea bags, this method allows the leaves to steep properly, releasing their authentic taste.

Caffeine Content: 20mg

20 servings per container

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