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Revolution Pear White Tea

Photo of Revolution Pear White Tea
$ 8.99

The juicy taste of pair enlivens a deep, flavorful white tea, delivering a beverage made for any time of day.

Revolution Tea thought about pear orchards, and their fragrant scent when crafting this white tea blend. In turn, the first notes to hit your tongue seem mellow yet bright and crisp and are reminiscent of biting into a freshly picked fruit.

White tea by itself has the lightest taste, but here, it’s on equal footing with the pear. Minimally processed leaf shoots and young tea leaves grown in China bring a flavor that’s distinctive yet not intense and leads to a fragrant, summery beverage with a high amount of antioxidants once brewed.

For Pear White Tea and other caffeinated varieties, Revolution Tea starts off with premium full leaf tea harvested from select locations. All leaves are then dried in the sun, and in crafting each blend, Revolution Tea never resorts to fannings or dusts. Completing the character are real fruits, herbs and essential oils. The pyramid shaped mesh infuser bags then let the blend release its full, authentic flavor right into your cup.

Caffeine Content: 15mg

20 servings per container

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