Revolution Raspberry Black Tea 20 Count

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Get your day off to a sweet, fragrant start with Raspberry Black Tea from Revolution Tea. Rich Assam black tea, known for its depth, energizes your morning and gets you clear headed. However, this is no run-of-the-mill black tea. Playing off the classic taste of Assam are juicy, fresh picked raspberries and rose petals. The result delivers a tantalizingly tart taste and full sensory experience once you inhale.

Black teas are primarily considered breakfast teas, and for a premium interpretation of this staple, Revolution Tea begins with whole tea leaves. These are sun dried right after picking, and as a departure from what other tea brands do, no fannings or dusts are present. Rounding out the flavor profile are real fruits, rather than additives and artificial flavors, as well as essential oils and herbs.

Steeping the tea makes a difference, and paper teabags often leave part of the flavor behind. Allowing the tea leaves’ authentic taste, as well as elements from all ingredients, to be fully realized in your cup, Revolution Tea uses a pyramid-shaped mesh infuser bag. This allows the ingredients to brew like loose tea and helps the flavors and oils travel right into the brew.

Caffeine Content: 40mg

20 servings per container