Revolution Southern Mint Herbal Tea 20 Count

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Mint tea is one of those beverages that fits all seasons and occasions. Its light, refreshing taste makes the perfect accompaniment to sitting out on the porch on a humid summer’s day, and by winter, it’s a comforting hot brew that energizes your senses without any caffeine.

Revolution Tea’s Southern Mint Tea updates the traditional English drink with an American twist. Delicate, flavorful peppermint leaves are picked in the U.S., and are kept fully whole to deliver an equally complete taste. Once you brew it on one of Revolution Tea’s pyramid-shaped bags, the result is a calming, relaxing beverage that can help reduce headaches and improve digestion.

Revolution Tea never settles for leftover or second-rate ingredients. Its herbal blends like Southern Mint use real fruits, spices and essential oils and are free of artificial additives. Allowing the full flavor of the tisane to emerge, its mesh infuser bags ensure all ingredients fully steep in the water and that nothing gets left behind.

Caffeine Free

20 servings per container