Sweet Variety Bundle (Hazelnut, Cinnamon Churro, French Vanilla)

Old price $ 22.99

If you thought a bundle was a sweet deal, we came up with something sweeter!

Maximize your options and celebrate your sweet tooth with three of our signature blends:

First, we have our French Vanilla ground coffee. This features a robust vanilla flavoring commonly attributed to a scoop of ice cream or a custardy French dessert plate that we know you’ll happily indulge in.

Next, we have a notable classic, Hazelnut. This rich & nutty flavor of hazelnut has a smooth finish in a 12oz. bag. Ground coffee.

Finally, the icing on top is our Cinnamon Churro Blend. This blend delivers a warm and decadent flavor to your cup of coffee.  This roast combines the smooth taste of cinnamon with a hint of sugary sweetness that truly embodies the spirit of the classic Spanish fritter, affectionately called the churro.