Breakfast Blend - Whole Bean

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Get your day off to an invigorating start with Breakfast Blend whole bean coffee from New Orleans Roast™. A balanced base delivers a smooth taste right from the first sip. Yet, this coffee is far more complex, allowing nutty notes and rich caramel to emerge and expand its flavor profile.

New Orleans Roast™ selects beans from Central and South America for our Breakfast Blend. Since 2008, we have captured the city's centuries of coffee tradition, crafting fine varieties sourced from 15 origins. For each coffee, we select the Top 1% of Arabica Beans, picked right at the precise point of freshness.

Because roasting plays a key role in bringing out the coffee's flavor, we slow-roast all beans in small batches right in New Orleans' Faubourg Marigny district. The result allows a flavorful, distinctive aroma to emerge that reflects the city's individualistic character and stands upon its legacy as one of North America's leading coffee ports. You won't find a fresher cup anywhere else.

12 oz.