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Car Coasters (2-Pack)

Photo of Car Coasters (2-Pack)
$ 6.99

As a regular coffee drinker, you’re more likely to enjoy this flavorful beverage on the road as you are at home or your desk at work. But, while you might have coasters in these areas in case of a spill or to prevent rings, what are you doing to protect your car?

This set of car coasters featuring the New Orleans Roast™ logo offers a convenient solution. Sized for most car cupholders, these round coasters with a light indent for easy removal slip right in for a seamless, precise fit.

In turn, if your tumbler, coffee cup or mug leaks, accidentally spills or sweats from condensation, the coaster’s stoneware ceramic construction absorbs it. The result protects your cupholders, lessens staining and reduces cleanups in your vehicle.

  • Side finger slot allows for easy removal
  • Absorbent stoneware ceramic construction reduces leaks and spills
  • Heat and dirt resistant
  • Fits into most car cupholders
  • Set of two coasters

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