Revolution Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea 20 Count

Photo of Revolution Earl Grey Lavender Black Tea
$ 8.99

Is it even possible to improve upon classic Earl Grey tea? Revolution Tea has, with its award-winning Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea.

To start, this beverage begins with full Ceylon and Oolong are harvested from Revolution’s Darjeeling estate, before they’re enhanced with a touch of bergamot oil and sweet French blue lavender. True to its breakfast status, Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea gets you awake and going with a higher caffeine content and delivers a pleasant midday pick-me-up.

Reflecting the quality upon which New Orleans Roast™ has built our reputation, Revolution Tea refuses to settle for the tea fannings composing so many other commercial tea brands. Instead, Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea and other blends strictly utilize sun-dried full tea leaves, which are then mixed with quality herbs, essential oils and real fruit to complete its flavor profile.

Further attesting to its innovative outlook, Revolution Tea introduced the first mesh infuser bag nearly 20 years ago, allowing loose leaves to be properly steeped. This process then brings the beverage’s full flavor to life, from the tea’s authentic taste to the essential oils.

Caffeine Content: 40mg

20 servings per container

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