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Revolution Orange Chocolate Green Tea

Photo of Revolution Orange Chocolate Green Tea
$ 8.99

Green tea is frequently perceived as a light, crisp and earthy beverage, whether brewed hot or served chilled. Revolution Tea goes against those assumptions with its Orange Chocolate Green Tea, a luxurious, sweet and creamy version that will completely change your perception.

Revolution Tea starts with quality full leaf Chinese Sencha and pairs it with juicy, tart oranges and zesty Indian ginger. Giving depth to the blend are real Peruvian cocoa nibs for a decadent finish that’s perfect for dessert or a delicious, flavorful start to your day. Although you can’t taste it, the blend is also rich in antioxidants, potassium and polyphenols.

Orange Chocolate Green Tea exemplifies Revolution Tea’s approach. All blends begin with full leaves, rather than fannings or dusts. The leaves are first sun dried before being combined with real fruits, herbs and essential oils. For full flavor delivery, all ingredients are packaged in Revolution Tea’s innovative mesh infuser bags, which allow all contents to properly steep and release their authentic taste and oils into the brew.

Caffeine Content: 20mg

20 servings per container

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