Revolution Pomegrante White Tea 20 Count

Photo of Revolution Pomegrante White Tea
$ 8.99

Many claim that white tea is too bland and that you only drink it for the health benefits. What if you could get that plus taste, too?

Revolution Tea crafts its Pomegranate White with Bai Mu Dan, a quality white tea known for a richer, more substantial flavor, and infuses it with the tart burst of pomegranate. The result, with its lighter caffeine content, intrigues the palate with a bright and juicy combination and delivers a high dose of antioxidants in the process. You’ll never view white tea the same way again.

Revolution Tea has been making its mark with quality blends and its innovative pyramid-shaped infuser bags. Selecting the finest varieties, Revolution Tea uses whole leaves, not fannings (also known as dusts) that dominate the U.S. tea market. From here, each combination is realized through real fruits, herbs, essential oils and other natural ingredients.

Once the tea kettle is whistling and you pour the hot water into your pot, its mesh infuser bags ensure all ingredients are properly steeped, releasing all flavors in their full, authentic form right into the brew.

Caffeine Content: 15mg

20 servings per container

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