Ground Chicory

Leroux French ground chicory from New Orleans Roast is a true NOLA addition to your coffee pot. The root of this flowering plant has been used for centuries in France as a coffee substitute. It gained steam in New Orleans during the Civil War when port blockades caused a shortage of real coffee. City residents grew the plant locally and created a chicory coffee mix they could combine with their meager coffee supply to make it last.

To this day, pure ground chicory remains a staple of New Orleans. You'll find chicory in many of the city's popular coffee beverages such as café au lait. It can be roasted, ground and brewed just like regular coffee. Some also use it to brew coffee stouts or mix it into other hot beverages or desserts. When you use New Orleans Roast chicory, you're getting a taste that's straight from the Big Easy.

Premium Chicory for Your Kitchen

We sell the best 100% pure ground chicory that's sourced directly from Leroux, France for your culinary creations. A one-pound sack of chicory will introduce you to this Bayou tradition. If you already love chicory, a 3-pack of 12-oz. chicory bags or a massive 5-pound ground chicory bag will satisfy your urges. Chicory has a bitter flavor resembling real coffee but also adds woody and nutty notes. Our coffee alternative is also caffeine-free. This makes it ideal for people who love the taste of coffee but are trying to reduce their caffeine intake. It's safe for kids to drink, too.

Shop at New Orleans Roast for 100% pure chicory that's slow-roasted with the same care as our coffee beans. We're a Direct Trade Farm to Cup brand that works directly with farmers to give you a great product in a way that's good for everyone. Order now or visit our chicory page to learn more about the next best thing to an authentic cup of coffee.