Premium Tea for Sale

There's nothing quite like a good cup of coffee - unless you're talking about a good cup of tea. High-quality tea is just as much a part of the New Orleans and Southern tradition as coffee is. From freshly steeped black tea for a morning wake-up to the classic Southern sweet tea that goes with lunch and dinner, we love tea here at New Orleans Roast. We stock a large selection of organic loose-leaf teas and herbal teas that are made with the same commitment to freshness, quality and character as our famous coffee mixes.

The Best Tea Bags

You'll find great tea for any time of day in our store. Our New Orleans Roast house tea blends are so good that they're served in multiple local restaurants and eateries. Products such as our orange pekoe and cut black tea use the finest tea leaves for a refreshing taste and smooth finish. Brew them hot or cold for any palate.

We've also proudly partnered with Revolution Tea to bring our customers amazing organic teas. Revolution created the mesh infuser tea bag that protects tea leaves without breakage. This ensures proper steeping that fully releases the tea's genuine taste and essential oils. 

A Proper Cup of Tea

Delight in your beverage morning or afternoon by choosing premium tea from New Orleans Roast. We'll fill your cup with a drink that tickles your taste buds and steeps your soul. It's an affordable way to serve a mug or glass of Southern hospitality wherever you live. Find your new favorite tea today.