Cinnamon Churro

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The 12oz Cinnamon Churro Blend from New Orleans Roast™ delivers a warm and decadent flavor to your cup of coffee.  This blend combines the smooth taste of cinnamon with a hint of sugary sweetness that truly embodies the spirit of the classic Spanish fritter, affectionately called the churro. 

The origins of the churro are rooted in the beautiful Western European country of Spain, but it has been popularized and redefined in Mexican culture.  With the addition of cinnamon, this ridged, sugary, and soft-centered snack has permeated its influence into the homes and hearts of our Southern neighbors.

Take yourself on an immersive journey as this delectable bag of coffee brings our premium Arabica beans together with the comfortable cravings of the iconic fairgrounds pastry frequently served just across the Gulf– No fryer needed!