Decaffeinated (3-Pack)

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Never think of decaf as second-rate coffee. New Orleans Roast™ proves that decaffeinated coffee can be just as delightful, flavorful and complex as its fully caffeinated counterparts.

New Orleans Roast™ Decaffeinated Ground Coffee begins like all of our varieties: crafted with freshness, quality, authenticity and hospitality in mind. Sourcing from 15 origins across the globe, we select the top 1% of Arabica Beans, harvested at their most fresh and flavorful.

Under the guidance of our Roastmaster in New Orleans, all beans are slow roasted to bring out their unique qualities and develop a multifaceted beverage that upholds the city's history as one of North America's leading coffee ports.

At the same time, we use a chemical-free decaffeination process. This step removes 99.95% of the beans' caffeine content without altering their flavor or, worse, leaving a bitter taste behind. Upon brewing a cup of our Decaffeinated Ground Coffee, the unique flavors emerge to deliver a truly authentic New Orleans experience. Taste it for yourself.

Three 12 oz. bags