Toddy Cold Brew Filters

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Every season calls for a cup of New Orleans Roast™. Since 2008, we have focused on delivering fresh, quality coffee that’s full of flavor and reflects the city of our heritage. Today, our medium and dark roast coffees begin with the top 1% of Arabica Beans, selected from 15 origins and picked at the point of freshness, before they’re slow-roasted in small batches in the Faubourg Marigny district. You won’t find a fresher variety of coffee.

Yet, especially as you can feel the heat and Southern humidity in the French Quarter, some days call for a cool, smooth iced coffee. The Toddy® Cold Brew System has allowed consumers to create this beverage at home for decades, utilizing a unique process that extracts the flavor from the beans to create a concentrate you can pour and serve based on your preferences.

For maintaining your system, its reusable filters are key for the brewing process. Yet, they last 10 to 12 weeks or three to four months, based on frequency of use. New Orleans Roast™ carries replacement filters, so you can continue brewing our coffee even on hot, sweltering summer days.
  • Two filters per pack
  • Designed to last a year
  • Genuine replacement part made specifically for the Toddy® Cold Brew System
  • Just rinse with water (no soap) between uses
  • Keep in the freezer, in a sealed plastic bag, until use
  • Made in the U.S.