Toddy Cold Brew Rubber Stoppers

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The Toddy® Cold Brew System made its debut roughly 50 years ago with an efficient and superior process for creating iced coffee. Rather than brew the beans hot, innovative cold brewing draws the flavor from them to create a smooth concentrate. The result has 67% less acidity - far less than with hot brew methods - and eliminates any bitter or off-tasting flavors.

Today, Toddy® Cold Brew Systems are the standard in commercial establishments and for at-home use. Yet, wherever you use this process, savor the flavor of New Orleans Roast™ in chilled form once the weather warms up.

The Toddy® Cold Brew System utilizes a large tub, which is first closed with a rubber or silicone stopper before the water and beans are added. Although the stoppers are built to last for years and don’t have a set lifespan, they get lost or damaged, so we recommend having a replacement set on hand.

Each of these replacement sets was designed specifically for use with the Toddy® Cold Brew System:
  • Genuine replacement part works with your existing system
  • Includes 2 rubber stoppers
  • All stoppers are made of natural rubber