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Decaffeinated Single Serve Cups (12 count)

Photo of Decaffeinated Single Serve Cups (12 count)
$ 7.99

New Orleans Roast™ Decaf Coffee Single Serve Cups let you savor rich, full flavor anytime. Our process removes 99.95% of caffeine from carefully selected Mexican-grown beans while preserving more of the authentic coffee taste than other methods.

Whether you'd like a jitter-free second cup in the morning or you prefer New Orleans Roast™ decaf coffee after dinner, you'll get authentic flavor in every sip with this 12-count pack of single serve coffee pods.

You can feel even better about enjoying your favorite decaf coffee because New Orleans Roast™ is a Direct Trade brand. We partner directly with farms and producers, like Finca Victoria, to develop programs that improve the quality of health, education and housing through community initiatives while minimizing our ecological footprint. It's how we do business in ways that are good for both people and the planet.

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