Single Serve Dessert Bundle (Bride's Cake, Creme Brulee, and Bourbon Pecan Pie)

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It doesn’t have to be your wedding day for you to enjoy this beautiful marriage between coffee and flavor!

Bride's Cake is an elegant blend with a burst of amaretto cream accompanied by swirls of vanilla and hazelnut. With a delectable aroma, this coffee ushers in some class to start anybody’s morning routine on a high note.  


Crack into this coffee, like a spoon breaking through the sugary shell of Crème Brûlée, and you will not be disappointed.

With rich flavors of caramel and burnt sugar, matched with smooth vanilla and custard, this flavorful cup creates a fine dining feeling when you take a sip.


Taste New Orleans tradition in every cup of our Bourbon Pecan Pie coffee. Few flavors are as descriptive of the Crescent City as pecans and bourbon, and we've intertwined both in this delightfully sweet and buttery coffee.


This includes one twelve count box of each. 36 total single serve cups.